Benefits of Straight Teeth

People of today tend to whatever they can to get straight teeth, and for good reason. Crooked or protruding teeth are more susceptible to gum disease and mouth discomfort. It can also make simple things such as talking and chewing difficult to do efficiently. Meeting with an orthodontist can help you on the path to straight teeth.


One of the main reasons people want straight teeth is that it looks great and healthy. A crooked smile can lower your self-esteem and happiness. A better smile will make you smile more brightly and reduce your anxiety and stress. When you know that your smile looks straight and pretty, it will give you the confidence in your day to day life.

Healthier Gums

Cleaning and flossing your teeth is easier when you have straight teeth. Crowded teeth are much more difficult as sometimes you are unable to remove all debris from the nooks and crannies, eventually resulting in tooth decay from plaque buildup. Straightening your teeth also repositions your gums to surround teeth more efficiently against periodontal problems.

Less Damage

Crowded and protruding teeth on the top row can cause a tooth to stick outside your mouth. This makes it more susceptible to tooth enamel wear and tear as it is consistently rubbing against neighboring teeth. The abnormal wearing of the tooth can cause inefficient chewing and eating habits. Those teeth are also more likely to be chipped or broken when you fall or hit something with your face. Even though straight teeth don’t prevent chipping it will reduce the risk of any damage.

Better Bite

People also use orthodontics to correct their bite as well. Ideal teeth sit on pits and grooves of the adjacent teeth to help prevent the unnecessary cracks and fractures that would later result in having crowns or bridges.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to get straighter teeth. It’s healthier and makes you happier. The benefits to both your physical and mental health outweigh keeping your teeth looking the way they are. There are several teeth straightening solutions provided here at the Orthodontic Center of OC that suit any needs and concerns you may have.