Orthodontics in Adults

The main benefits of Orthodontic treatment can include a pleasing appearance, a healthier mouth and more likeliness of your teeth lasting a lifetime. Crooked teeth can become harder to maintain good oral hygiene and can be potentially damaging later in life when you are at a higher risk for early tooth decay, periodontal disease or TMJ. Individuals of all ages want to straighten their teeth. There are a number of adults hopping on the trend to finally get the smile they’ve always wanted.

Many individuals’ associate braces and Orthodontics with teenagers or younger children but the statistics of adults with braces in 2019 has nearly doubled from 1990. Sacrificing 12-18 months for a straighter smile and a more comfortable bite isn’t as long as it seems. It gets better, Orthodontics have come a long way from the original metal braces and almost every Orthodontist office’s offer nearly seamless and invisible trays to straighten your teeth called, Invisalign®.

Orthodontics in Adults

Getting braces as an adult can bring some tricky changes into your life that may take some getting used to when first getting your braces on. Your whole life you’ve been able to eat whatever you wanted or didn’t have to worry about flossing and brushing on-the-go. It’s important with each individuals busy schedule that you ensure to make time for time-sensitive appointments and check-up’s as well as watching what you are eating and refraining from certain foods that may damage your brackets or wires. Oral hygiene will be more difficult as you will have to learn a new way to brush and specifically floss your teeth, especially after each time you eat- try to make it become a habit.

Because there are now many different types of braces it is important to go over all of your options with your Orthodontist, ensuring you are picking the right option that is right for you and your lifestyle. Call Orthodontic Center of Orange County today to schedule a complimentary consultation for your new braces!

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