Bad Habits You Should Avoid When Wearing Invisalign

Invisalign is a clear, comfortable, and discreet way to straighten your teeth in a short time. While you would never purposefully prolong your treatment, there are a few common bad habits that can cause significant delays or damage to your Invisalign. That’s why we want to share 6 things that you should avoid when you are wearing them.

  • Wearing Invisalign Trays Without Brushing First

Brushing is especially necessary for people who are wearing aligner trays as part of their orthodontic treatment. If you don't brush your teeth adequately before wearing your aligners after eating, food particles from your meal could become trapped between and against your teeth inside the trays. This increases the number of germs in the mouth and raises the risk of tooth decay.

  • Leaving the Trays Laying Out

    Invisalign Aligner Treatment

When you are not using your aligners, you must keep them in their case. If you keep them out in the open, you risk exposing them to airborne infections and bacterial growth. You're more likely to lose or damage your aligners if you don't keep them in their respected case.

  • Changing your Aligners Late

When it's time to switch to a new aligner, your dentist will let you know. Many patients, unfortunately, fail to replace their aligners on time, and it takes them an extra day or two to remember. While an extra day may not seem like a big deal, keep in mind that by the time you've worn the aligner for the recommended amount of time, it's already shifted your teeth as far as it can. You're not gaining much (if any) benefit from that extra day of wear. So, if you change your aligners late frequently, your Invisalign treatment may need to be extended by a month or two to adequately straighten your teeth.

  • Forgetting to Remove your Aligners When Eating or Drinking

Except for pure water, you should avoid eating and drinking while wearing Invisalign aligners. The aligners aren't designed to withstand the force of chewing. Food and drinks might also become stuck between the aligners and your teeth. This not only puts you in danger of cavities, but it also stains your teeth. Finally, eating or drinking while wearing Invisalign might discolor the aligners, defeating the purpose of the almost invisible treatment.

  • Exposing your Aligners to Heat

Your aligners can wrap if you clean them in hot water, drink a hot beverage while putting them on, or leave them in a heated place. This will change the fit of your trays, potentially affecting your results. Make sure they aren't exposed to excessive heat. If you're rinsing them, make sure the water is lukewarm rather than boiling. When sipping a hot beverage, always remove them out of your mouth.

  • Using Harsh Cleansers on your Aligners

Toothpaste can be abrasive, causing your aligners to scrape, this will make them stand out more. Also, stay away from harsh soaps, particularly those that are colored or scented. When you put your aligners back in, they may cause discoloration and won't taste very good.

If you avoid these bad habits, your Invisalign treatment will go as smoothly as possible. At Orthodontic Center OC, we will walk you through your treatment and provide you with advice; we want nothing more than to provide you with the best results possible. Contact us today!